Corso: A Culinary Tour of Italy

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At Corso, you will go on a culinary journey while enjoying unlimited authentic Italian food from all over Italy, from the Northern Alps to the southern parts of Sicily.

Your journey begins at our antipasto bar where you’ll find over 60 items. While there, homemade Roman-style sourdough pizza and fresh focaccia will be placed on your table.

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Your next culinary stop will be our signature pastas. They offer three traditional family-style pastas. In-house special pastas will be prepared daily in our unique Pentoli show pans. Feel free to try them all. If you run out, we’ll bring you more.

At your next stop, excite your pallet with five authentic mains with an added option of wine pairings to compliment. These will be served tableside in smaller portions. You can choose to pass or order more of any item as this culinary tour is unlimited.

Finish your dining experience off with dessert and add one of our specialty Italian coffees.