Niagara Region

We figure that if you’re interested in Niagara Falls, then you have to be a tiny bit curious about the region that surrounds it.

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Niagara is a peninsular region with two Great Lakes and inclusion in Ontario’s Greenbelt. Its unique climatic environment, shielded by the Niagara Escarpment (UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve), gives way to some of the best agricultural growing conditions.



Sharing a border with the United States has helped make Niagara one of the busiest economic trade corridors in North America. This is all made possible thanks to a diverse network of transport infrastructure and a central location in the Great Lakes Megalopolis.



The distinct microclimates and soil conditions found throughout the region have allowed vintners to produce award-winning wines for almost 50 years. Paired with a culinary scene that’s getting better by the minute, eating and drinking well are simply a way of life in Niagara.



Situated in the midst of the country’s industrial heartland, Niagara ranks among the top 10 in North America for competitive manufacturing. As an agricultural giant with close to 2,000 cash crop and greenhouse operations, our region also produces the most wine in all of Canada.



Niagara continues to climb the ladder and reach new heights with its industry-driven research initiatives, go-getter talent pools, and game-changing entrepreneurial hubs. Our list of competitive advantages, topped by a strong advanced manufacturing sector, is one that most communities would envy.