Niagara Speedway

Time to Visit: 10 minutes | Max Group Size: <50 | Accessibility: Entry and Washrooms | Coach Parking

It’s tall, it’s fast, it roars with excitement! North America’s largest elevated go-kart race course is a world-class attraction that combines the adrenaline-inducing thrill of kart racing with the remarkable experience of a roller coaster ride. The course is spread out over four acres with over 2000 linear feet of concrete racing surface, running through a four-story helical spiral followed by a two-tiered coaster style ramp that runs into another spiral. Though riders may feel like they are flying over a cliff at certain points during the ride, extensive safety features were built into the Speedway attraction. Read More

The first of its kind in Canada, Niagara Speedway is a marriage of traditional go-karts with the added fun and excitement of an elevated coaster styled track. Test your driving skills along the straight away, negotiate the hairpin turns and climb the elevated ramp as you head for the checkered flag!

Admission TypePrice
Driver $12.00 (plus tax)
Rider $4.00 (plus tax)
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