This unique and stunning display is a very popular stop on the Niagara Parkway and is photographed almost as often as the Falls! The planted face is maintained by the Niagara Parks horticulture staff, while the mechanism is kept in working order by Ontario Power Generation. The floral design is changed twice each year – it features viola in the Spring and four cultivars of Alternanthera along with green and grey forms of Santolina Sage during the Summer and Fall. California Golden Privet and Blue Festuca Grass may be used for contrast. The grounds surrounding the clock feature bedding displays and a Tower at the back of the clock houses Westminster chimes that chime each quarter hour. When the door into the Tower is open, you can take a peek at the clock mechanism and enjoy photographs that show the history of every face design all the way back to 1950. Feeling whimsical: there is a 10-foot wide water garden that curves 85 feet around the base of the timepiece – it is a popular place to make a wish!

The Floral Clock is 40 feet wide, with a planted area 38 feet wide, making it one of the largest such clocks in the world. Each year, the face of the clock is filled with 15,000 to 20,000 carpet plants and colourful annuals, planted in unique, intricate designs.

Adjacent to the Niagara Parks Centennial Lilac Garden, parking, washrooms and a small gift shop are provided.

This floral showpiece has become one of the most photographed attractions in Niagara Parks.


Location: 14004 Niagara Parkway, Niagara Falls

Phone: 1 (877) 642-7275